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Apply 6.5 pounds per 1000 sq ft. for up to 90-day performance.  Additional applications may be necessary throughout the growing season, if so apply at 3.5 pounds per 1000 sq ft.   

Initial applications should be made early in the growing season before the onset of summer stress and localized dry spot (LDS).  

For optimal performance, apply to dry turf and water-in before the next mowing or other cultural practice with at least .125 inches of irrigation.

Package Sizes:

40 lb bag (50 per pallet)

1000 lb bulk bag

2000 lb bulk bag

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Easy-to-Apply Hydration and Infiltration

SMS 700 G is a proprietary blend of soil surfactants specially formulated to provide a flexible tool to combat soil hydrophobicity and localized dry spot (LDS).  SMS 700 G  is the same great chemistry as SMS 700 in an easy-to-spread granular formulation.  SMS 700 G is formulated for use by golf course superintendents or professional turf managers.

Product at a Glance: 

  • Easy to apply granular formulation of SMS 700

  • Ideal for bunker faces, steep slopes, collars, or any spot-treatment required

  • Perfect for sod, sports fields, or home lawns

  • Preventative and curative localized dry spot performance 

  • Reduces water repellency caused by hydrophobic soils

  • Promotes uniform soil moisture

  • Reduces surface tension

  • Safe to use on all turf

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