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You're in the business of delivering excellence. You want optimal course conditions supported by turf maintenance best practices to make your golfers and owners proud. SMS Additive Solutions is dedicated to supporting you. We're experienced turfgrass professionals who share your commitment to quality in achieving exceptional playing surfaces. 

SMS provides a comprehensive line of valuable additive solutions including superior soil surfactants, spray adjuvants and wetting agents. With proprietary and unique chemistries, SMS products are proven to improve your pesticide and tank-mix applications.

Independent Research and Objective Results


SMS understands your challenge of differentiating marketing hype from proven results. This is why SMS products undergo rigorous University Trials and Field-Testing


Using SMS Means Stronger, More Playable Turf


Help overcome the natural water repellency of soil and soil amendments by promoting:

  • Better distribution to turf's root zones

  • Less runoff

  • Fewer localized dry spots (LDS)

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SMS additive Solutions company logo


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